Alyssa Davis Interior Designer
Alyssa Davis

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Alyssa Davis has always had an eye for color. Specializing in designing "living" rooms, she focuses on creatively incorporating plants into a space, which adds a whole new dimension and layer to interior design. She loves helping avid DIYers create rooms that are living, breathing masterpieces.

During her childhood, Alyssa fell in love with art, finding any excuse to jump into painting and craft projects. But it was at her mother’s side that she discovered her true passion for growing flowers. As time evolved, she began using her plants to create living walls and blooming corners in rooms that were literally alive.

After studying horticulture for most of her life, she earned her rightful place among master gardeners. Quite accidentally she stumbled onto a niche in the world of interior design, and today she is a trendsetter when it comes to decorating with plants. From orchids in the shower to cactus in the laundry room, Alyssa uses color and living texture to add interest and definition to her design.

As comfortable writing about her designs as she is creating them, Alyssa adds a whole new facet to the world of interior design.

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