Christina Cardenas

Christina Marie Cardenas has been making repairs herself since she moved into her first apartment at eighteen years old. She learned to do things on her own from her mother, who had always done the same.  In 1990, she got the first of her formal training in construction. She landed a job with a company that refurbished condemned apartment buildings in Sacramento, CA. Most of her experience, however, came from working at Hammer Handyman, in St. George, UT. She began working there in June of 2003.

In June of 2004, she married the owner and they began to run the business together. They moved to Colorado Springs, CO in January of 2005 and started the business again from scratch. By the summer of 2005, they had picked up a client who flipped houses and had them so busy that they had to drop everything else. Christina has had many years of experience with construction including framing, sheet rock, painting, ceramic tile, sweating copper, anything that can be done to remodel the interior of a house.

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