D.I. Yankowski

The guy behind the guys at DoItYourself.com. Ask me how to screw in a light bulb, and I may tell you how to rewire your whole house, but at the end of your weekend, that bulb will light up and you’ll silently thank me. I invented the phrase “water hammer” just to confuse people.  Into sheetrocking, woodworking, wiring, welding, masonry, espionage, calligraphy, knitting, auto repair, insulation, plumbing, framing, picture framing, smoldering looks, strong grip, phrenology, piano tuning, lifting heavy things, pouring concrete, roofing, tiling, flooring, whittling, home brewing, winemaking, can tell Scotch from bourbon from rye from Irish, metal working, decorating, painting, motorcycle maintenance (zen and standard), gardening, flower arranging, fencing (fences), fencing (swords), poker, blackjack, baccarat and HVAC.

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