Emily Gleeson

Emily grew up in a household where there was always a big garden and a room being renovated. Her dad grew sunflowers as tall as the garage and would do most projects around the house himself. This followed her into adulthood as she has worked in various trades for more than a decade, mainly working with tile and as a trim carpenter. She has also worked for landscape companies and garden centers and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Emily has a degree in English Literature, so writing about DIY projects is her dream job! She’s particularly interested in green design, repurposing items, and creating environmentally-friendly outdoor landscapes. She always has a project in mind. Next on her list are making a rain garden on the lawn in front of her house and turning her garage into a working office and guest suite.

She currently lives just southwest of Toronto but grew up in Chicago and has family across Canada and the United States. She has an orange tabby cat who helps her decide where plants should go (without getting his paws dirty), and a husband who's great at making trips to the hardware store for her when she’s forgotten something.

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