Jason Pelmont
Jason Pelmont

Jason Pelmont has an expansive background writing and editing content. He began writing articles for small local publications as a student and was a reporter for his school paper. After completing his degree at California State University, Northridge, Jason worked as a freelance writer and editor. Beyond creating articles for print and web, his experience included work as a researcher for the L.A. Times, copy editing for advertising firms, and writing broadcast journalism content.  

Creative writing endeavors include fiction pieces and screenplays. Jason has written shorts and feature films, sold scripts to production companies, and was recognized with the Martin Roth Memorial Screenwriting Award.

As an intermediate DIYer Jason has enjoyed projects that range from woodworking and flooring, to whittling, crafting, and jewelry making. Like most DIY enthusiasts, Jason’s dream project is to build a wildly impractical home with a slide instead of a staircase despite the fact that his day to day projects are more likely to include quick fixes in the garden or small maintenance repairs to home decor and appliances.

When not pursuing new stories, Jason is an editor for DavesGarden.com and videographer for DoItYourself.com. Check out the latest home improvement projects and tips on our DIY YouTube channel.

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