Justin Dipego and Angela Sabrowsky
Justin Dipego and Angela Sabrowsky

Angela Sabrowsky has been the junior content manager for DoItYourself for over 5 years. Growing up with a DIY dad and grandpa who can build houses from the ground up, she’s still trying to shake off the sawdust.

She got her start in the publication industry working on her high school newspaper in Redondo Beach, California, where she spent deadline nights designing page layouts and editing news stories. Following that initial exposure into journalism, she became the managing editor at her award-winning community college newspaper. It was there she met her husband, who beat her in a popularity contest to become editor-in-chief (she may still be bitter about that).

Based in Los Angeles, Angela enjoys spending time on the West Coast with her family, whether it’s camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or crabbing in Washington’s Puget Sound on the 4th of July (an annual tradition for the past 20 years). She also loves vintage furniture and is always scouring estate sales for her next great find.

Her favorite DIY project is a raised planter bed she built with her dad in the backyard for a small vegetable garden. She can’t wait to start growing my own tomatoes and watermelon in the summer!


A former senior editor for DoItYourself.com, Justin spent years both as a writer/editor and working in the trades as a handyman, framer and installer of skylights. He's still active in his workshop, making things out of other things, like glowing whiskey bars, reclaimed redwood tables, knives out of horseshoes, lamps out of plumbing parts and a butler robot (WIP).

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