Kimberly Keller Content Manager
Kimberly Keller
Kimberly Keller was a senior content manager for from 2015 to 2022. Starting out in the entertainment industry as an assistant director, her passion for writing and website coding lead her to pursue a career in online media. An accomplished journalist, Kimberly has received awards from USC, CSUN, and A’Design Awards and has worked abroad in Italy. From building websites to writing and editing, Kimberly has worked on both sides of the web publishing world throughout her professional life. Through her work on Internet Brands’ websites, she focused on creating a user experience that brings carefully researched content to DIYers across the globe. An avid DIYer from a young age, her grandfather was a general contractor, her uncle is a carpenter, and her father is an electrical engineer. These skills were passed on to her along with a passion for taking on new projects inside and outside the home whenever possible. In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys working on various DIY projects, travelling, and volunteering with local animal rescues and Habitat for Humanity. Her favorite DIY project is the “clubhouse” she built with her dad and friends as a kid that is still standing her parent’s home. Built on stilts, it still has the best views of the neighborhood.

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