Rebecca Hollada
Rebecca Hollada

Becky Hollada is a writer and editor with a decade of experience in both print and digital media. After graduating with a BA in Literature and Japanese from Bennington College, she started out pursuing work in fiction and dove headfirst into the eBook publisher phenomenon. Working with a small company required wearing many hats, so while she was copy editing novels, she turned her hand to maintaining the company blogs and working with the marketing teams on promotional material. This and her time volunteering at a small news publication focused on video game journalism fed a growing interest in digital media.

Now based in Los Angeles, she specializes in both fiction and non-fiction content, with a portfolio spanning a variety of genres, topics, and styles. She aims to use her work in fiction to bridge the gap between reader and writer by exploring new angles to traditionally dry and complex topics and using storytelling to bring entertainment and accessibility to any subject matter.

Becky’s work has appeared on Yahoo! Finance, MSN,, and, as well as a variety of other publications. She has also worked in collaboration with a number of brands such as Disney, Macy’s, Wayfair, Home Depot, and Osmocote.

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