Rowena Mangohig

Rowena researches and writes catalogs for an antiquarian bookseller by day, and researches and writes for herself by night. She grew up in the south where her parents taught her to eat what she caught, grow vegetables, and the art of urban foraging. She victimized her parents by bringing home stray dogs and cats, and eventually created a menagerie of reptiles and birds, building DIY cages and enclosures for all of them.

A love for the outdoors led her to the rainy skies of the Pacific Northwest. There she became a Librarian and spent every Thursday dancing around in a rainbow-colored tutu telling stories to children at the public library. On her days off, you’d find her foraging for mushrooms, collecting razor clams, and gardening, or else planning her next garden project when the weather kept her inside. 

Sadly, she had to leave the mountains and fresh air of Washington State for the hot, steamy bayous of Houston, but the heat is a challenge she’s gladly accepted. Her new garden is flourishing and her new home is just waiting for DIY projects.

She is a proud mom, a fantastic wife, and a barely mediocre ukulele player.

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