Shanga Bess
Shanga Bess

Shanga Bess is a writer, a tinkerer, a motorcycle and car crasher, fixer, and crasher again.

He grew up in a "you don't grow or raise it, you don't get to eat it" household and learned sustainable gardening and tricks of taking care of animals from a very early age.

As an adult, he worked as a custom furniture and timber frame builder for more years than he cares to admit.

In his free time, he works on keeping older cars and motorcycles running and looking good, having a nature that does not allow him to let other people put their hands on his gas-guzzling favorites.

Right now, he is in process of finishing up a custom house in the middle of North Dakota prairies, adding a bermed greenhouse and surrounding it with three acres of a food forest, a sustainable garden, and as many Nigerian dwarf goats as the place will fit.

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