Need Pro's and Con's or Advice on A/C dilema

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Need Pro's and Con's or Advice on A/C dilema

So this week we will be in triple digits (Southern Cal) and my central A/C is not pumping out any cold air. Fan runs, replaced capacitor, just no cold air. Finally caved and got an A/C repairman to take a look. Says I'm out of Freon and I have an older Unit which is RC-Something and requires about 6 pounds of Freon @ approximately $100 / pound (discounting me $80/lb). HOWEVER he says there still can be a leak, it could be a fast leak or slow leak, will be additional charge to get him to find the leak and fix it.

So here are my options

1. Pay to find the leak and fix it... and add the 6 pounds of Freon - $800+
2. Don't find leak and just add 6 pounds of Freon $600
3. Buy one of the following:
a. Window unit - 300-400
b. Wall ductless unit - 500+
c. Portable unit - 300-400
4. Replace the whole HVAC - $8000 - $10000

I have an immediate requirement. 1200 sqft townhouse with 2 BR upstairs, living room and dining down stairs. I don't need the entire house to be cool, just the room I'm mostly in. I have my son in the other bedroom. So if I buy portable or wall units its going to be X2 for each room.

I'm trying to find a cost effective way to get some relief from this heat, especially at night the bedrooms are like an oven. I am not going to do #4 that's for sure.

I am leaning on the portable unit because I can move it around to the room that i'm in and I don't like how the Wall units we have to reconfigure the window and mount it on outside from 2nd story...not fun. But I heard the portable units don't work too well...I don't know ... HELP!

Thanks guys!
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What did he mean by "can be a leak"? If not a leak did someone huff your system? If a leak then putting in more refrigerant will vent out to the air; only a matter of when depending on the size of the leak.
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You would not just add that much refrigerant without looking for the leak. That amount indicates a large leak and recharging it without finding the leak would be throwing money away.

What fan is running ? The blower inside ? If the fan on the condenser is running..... you are not 6 lbs low on refrigerant.

The most bang for the buck is a window unit. If you are considering a portable unit..... invest in one with the two ducts/hoses. The single duct models are very low performers.

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