Crawl Space Access


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Crawl Space Access

I have recently purchased a home and I would like to relocate the crawl space access. Currently it is a corrugated metal frame on the side of the house. For security and to allow for future paving beside the house, I would like to move the access inside to a closet or something. Has anyone done this before? Is it possible? How difficult will it be?

Any help is appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums.

Of course it's possible but how much work and the best place for the new entrance are hard to determine without being there. Can you post some pictures?
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I would not have the crawl space access inside the home. If anything needs to be worked on all the dirt and mess will have to come through the home. And if repairs require long material like boards or sections of pipe they might not make the bends to get in through your home.
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My previous home had the crawlspace access outside, below grade, in a well made from concrete block. Of course when it rained the bottom of the well would collect water and since there was no drain it would eventually spill into the crawlspace. Having a high water table didn't help.

When I had to drag some 4x6 beams under the house (to reinforce the floor, post and beam construction) I had to break out one of the concrete blocks and dig in the yard to get enough clearance.

My current house has the crawlspace entrance inside. When I first bought the house the crawlspace was fairly clean but over the years somehow mice have entered and torn up the insulation as well as leaving deposits throughout. Add in the drilling through the floor that I have done for built-in vacuum, additional electrical and plumbing changes and the crawlspace is no longer clean. I would really like to drag some beams in to reinforce this floor as well but no way would I be able to bring them through the inside access. More likely as not I would need to remove one of the vent grilles that is in-line with the floor joists and then I could do it but the reality is that my health problems probably mean it will never get done...unless I can convince my sister's kid to do the lion's share of the work. I DO still have some electrical work that I will do, most likely this summer. I also need to move the access hatch as it was originally inside a closet but since removing the closet (and wall) it is now in the middle of the room. Moving this will NOT be a fun job.

My question to you would be to ask if you want to totally enclose (encapsulate) the crawlspace? This has many advantages and I would like to do so with mine. I personally do not see the outside access as any security risk but I do understand how it could upset other plans for the exterior of your house.
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You for sure need an access to your crawlspace and I agree that having it inside your home would be a big mistake.
I work in crawlspaces quite frequently and would not like to trail through the house with my tools and material.

It should not be too difficult to relocate, make it look good and be secure.
Post a picture of the current access and the portion of your house you would like to relocate it.
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