Flooded walk out basement - Suggestions

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Flooded walk out basement - Suggestions

Hi everyone, I would appreciate some feedback and thoughts on my current situation.

I bought a new construction house in Nashville, TN in April 2016. The home is ~2600 sq ft split level (walkout basement). We came home after the week of 4th of July to to find about 3 inches of water standing on the finished basement floor. Having only been gone for about 72 hours, we were shocked how this could have happened. Because the water was clean, most people (builder, restoration company, etc) were convinced it originated from condensation with the AC. As such, we filled a claim with our home owners insurance. However, after many visits by a structural engineer, we have been denied our claim as they believe it was caused by standing or flood water. We’re struggling on a few fronts, 1. Insurance won’t cover anything since they deemed it a flood despite no evidence to support either theory and 2. No one knows the source so we have no way of preventing it from happening it again.

Some background info on the house and situation

· House builder came out and said it was the AC unit that failed and kept cooling, causing the excess condensation to overflow on the catch pan and continue to run and flood the basement.

· There’s a separate AC unit that cools and heats the basement floor.

· There was a fairly large downpour (about 4.46 inches over the course of 4 days). This is the most rain we've seen during this time period, but we've had more intense rain in shorter periods.

· There’s a underground spring next door which the builder diverted and got an engineering certificate to buy off on.

· Insurance adjuster and engineering team couldn’t find the source but deemed it a flood from the rain, though no entry point was identified

· The house is not in a flood zone and thus no flood insurance was required

Please help us figure out if we have any way to fight this with the insurance company and/or also how we can prevent this from happening again.
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Not any kind of expert but I would call the insurance commission in your state and file a complaint, Since nobody can find cause of water It may be covered if you fight them. If it proves to be from A/C Builder should that care of it.
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How big is your walkout basement?

Let's say it's 20x20. 400 square feet 3 inches deep is 100 cubic feet of water equals 750 gallons of water.

There's not a residential air conditioner on the planet that can pull 750 gallons of water out of the air in 3 days.

Does the AC not have a drain? Were any repairs made to the AC?

I think the AC theory is malarkey.

Is there a floor drain? (I guess not or there wouldn't have been 3" of water in there).

Have you talked to your neighbors? Did any of them have flooding or observe high levels of water in the area?

Are there foundation drains around the footers for the basement, and if so, where do they drain?

What is the elevation of the surrounding area, are you in a low area? Is there slope toward your house from any side?

I don't think anyone here is going to be able to diagnose where the water came from or how it got in, but I really don't buy the AC theory.
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Welcome to the forums.

I don't know but 3" of water sounds like an awful lot of condensation to have occurred in three days.

Your house is slightly larger than my split level. My A/C drains into a laundry sink and I catch it in buckets. I carry the buckets outside for use in the garden. On an extremely humid day I'll get 6-8 gallons of water. Even if it was 10 gallons a day..... in three days that would be 30 gallons. Nowhere near 3" of water. Probably a good coating.... at most.
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Its pretty big. probably around 1000sqft. Theres 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room and storage room. Basically a craftmans 2nd floor is my basement.

Yeah I didn't think it was the AC either cause that's a lot of water, but the builder was convinced.
No neighbor flooding, no drains, possibly very slight slope on the back side of the house.

Thanks for the thoughts anyway.

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