Heater for crawl space

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Heater for crawl space

Is there any reason it's not safe to use something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...=ATVPDKIKX0DER (or any other similar heater)?

This is for a crawl space that is really a walk space (extension to my house).

Ceiling has insulation and rim joist has been sprayed, but still gets really cold in winter.

Just looking for something to make sure it doesn't go below freezing (it got close last winter).

I was going to use one of those outlets that kick on at 35 or whatnot.

Thanks for any advice!
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A couple of things to consider, before the pros get a chance to reply:

Obviously the heater is needed to provide warmth. Why do you need the warmth? Is it: (the answer/answers might help to better determine the size and placement of the heater, presuming it can be safely done.)
So people working in/passing through the crawlspace are more comfortable?

To keep items stored in that area from freezing?

To prevent water pipes passing through the crawlspace from freezing?

To keep living areas adjacent to or above the crawlspace more comfortable?

Something else?

Of a more general nature, you need to consider if the circuit (providing the electricity to the receptacle that you plan on using) is of a size capable of handling the heater's demands, along with any other item drawing power from that circuit.

Also also, is there a sufficiently large area free of combustibles in the crawlspace so that you can safely place the heater?

Are there any issues with water in the crawlspace – a potential safety hazard?

Good luck with your project, Hope this helps
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Thanks for the quick response/questions.

The main purpose is to make sure pipes don't freeze. There are a few that run through this space. They are wrapped in foam pipe insulation but not sure how much that helps. If it helps warm the space above it that's great, but just a nice side effect.

Crawl (walk) space is about 5 feet high so plenty of room height-wise. There would be about 2 feet on each side of it (concrete/cinderblocks). So I'm not worried about combustibles.

No water issues either.
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Better to wrap the pipes with heater tape. It will cost a lot less in electricity.
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Converting a crawlspace to a conditioned space includes sharing the heat and ac with the main house, but it also would benefit from insulating the walls. You said the rim was spray foamed but unsure about the walls down to the floor.

Is the floor dirt or concrete?

Once sealed and insulated you would need very little heat to keep it above freezing and yes the warmer floors are nice.

Here is some reading on crawlspaces: https://buildingscience.com/document...es?full_view=1


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