All Wood Foundation in Alaska


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All Wood Foundation in Alaska

Hey all. So we recently moved up to Alaska on a military PCS. I'm not leaving lol. I love it here and I'm really happy with my house except for the fact that there are no building codes, ergo no code enforcement, up here. So, the house we have is great except I can tell a lot of the things done were done by a DIYer with far less experience than I. So here's the problem...

The crawl space is pretty open. It's about 4 foot in height and there is only 1 girder. There is one main support post under that girder but the problem is that either one of two things have happened:

1. The main support post is too tall and pushes up on the girder and creates a high spot across the entire house or;

2. The entire exterior foundation has settled and left the main support post as a high spot.

My vote is option 1.

Questions is, what is the best way to fix it? My thoughts are to remove the visqueen, pour another footing, and add several jack posts along the girder, and slowly walk it down to level. (Total length is 30ish feet) I say several, which leads to my next question:

With it being an all wood foundation, would it be proactive to install jack posts and a support beam at several spots in the foundation (corners and midspans). When we bought the house there was evidence of water damage from not having adequate gutters so the foundation will eventually fail (but probably not in my useful timeline of owning the house).
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I couldn't say for sure -- that much is obvious -- but I've spent some time in Alaska and I've seen lots of examples of foundation problems that were caused by thawing permafrost, especially in the North. That's what I was told and it's believable. I would look long & hard for someone that knows Alaskan foundations and get a consultation.

I can't blame you for staying. Alaska is a great place.
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I doubt the house was built with a support column or post that is too long. Likely the house has moved or settled.

Why do you think you need to pour new footers? What's wrong with shortening the existing column/post to the proper height?
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The reason I think the post is too long as opposed to the house settling is because the foundation of the house is all level within a 1/4". I just assumed the chances of a house settling that evenly is slim. The only high spot is where the post is. Also, this house is a bunch of DIY nightmare fixes (like the kitchen sinks had the rubber gasket between the strainer basket and inside of the sink where plumbers putty or silicone usually go).

The reason I want to pour new footers and add supports is to just give it extra support. It being an all wood foundation, it won't last forever and even though there are not any current water issues....there is evidence of it in the past. I just think pouring new footers and adding support posts would help stabilize the house. Just a thought.
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