Increasing attic ventilation

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Increasing attic ventilation


I have a home that was built 1901. Recently had all the windows replaced, new soffit & fascia, vinyl siding and a lifetime steel roof installed. Insulation was also blown in

the lifetime still roof had ridge vents installed. Not powered, but runs the entire length of roof.

I live in Minnesota so high humidity zone. started noticing yellowing showing thru the plaster ceiling. Iím told there isnít enough air flow or ventilation up there, others tell me there is too much humidity. I canít seem to get a identical answer from people, and I live in the country so it makes my choices limited.

there are no gable vents, the soffits are solid cedar with bracing behind it, so they couldnít be modified to act as ventilation.

not allowed to make alterations to the roof as it would void the warranty. So canít add roof vents

there is a single 18x18 inch picture window in the attic, the attic is still original cedar with some planks 2 feet wide.

the original roofing and siding company says they are not a ventilation company so they canít / wonít help.

is There anything i can do at this point? I canít even find a company who will give me an identical answer, and basically wants to rip everything out and spray foam it all, or replace the allready new insulation with the same thing. Itís just seems a giant money scam.
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In a house that old, it's unlikely you have good air sealing between the living area and the attic. Insulation alone does not provide air and moisture sealing. So air and the humidity it carries is moving into your attic. And ridge vents alone won't provide significant ventilation. I think your best bet is to find a way to add vents to the soffit. Even if they are solid cedar it should be possible to install vents, even if it it is just a whole bunch of the 4" round vents. The structure supporting the soffit should still allow cutting holes through the soffit to install rectangular or round vents. My house has cedar siding and 3/4 solid cedar soffits. I cut rectangular openings thought the soffit between every pair of rafter tails and installed 3 1/2 by 12 soffit vents.
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Why not replace the window with a vent?
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I've added vents to many solid vents. Since your house is vinyl sided you remove the soffit material. Then bore large holes or cut holes through the old wood soffit. Then make sure insulation is not blocking the openings. You may need to install cardboard dams to hold the insulation back. Then reinstall your vinyl soffit using perforated soffit material.

Also, go up into your attic on the inside. Look at your ridge vent. Sometimes roofers just put on the ridge vent without actually cutting the required opening in the peak of the old roof. You'll be able to tell by looking on the inside.

Then any warm or humid air will tend to rise and go up and out the ridge vent. Nothing can leave without air coming in to replace it. That's where the soffit vents come in by letting fresh air to enter low in the attic to set up natural convection airflow.

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