When/How to shut-off gas boiler?

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When/How to shut-off gas boiler?

Purchased the home in August, and had to have the gas lines replaced in October. While the plumber was doing the gas lines, I had him service and turn-on the boilers (it's a double). I'm a first time homeowner, so I'm learning as I go here.

When would be a good time to turn the boiler off for the season? I live in WNY. Also is the main benefit to turning off the boilers the savings in gas for the pilot?

I read this thread here:


Seems as it's advantageous to shut off the boiler every year.

I watched the plumber re-activate the boiler and I asked him how I should properly shut it down for the season.

I have these instructions:

1. Turn thermostat all the way to lowest temp.
2. Turn off power
3. Turn off gas

Is this correct? then in the fall, I will have the boilers serviced again and have them turned on.

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Do you have a cold start boiler ?
That means a boiler that doesn't heat the water until the thermostat calls for it.

If that's what you have you need do nothing. There is no need to shut gas and electric off to it.
Just put the thermostat all the way down.
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You probably don't need to have a gas-fired hot-water boiler "serviced" on a regular basis. How much does your guy charge? Ask what he does when you call for routine service - besides try to sell you a new boiler

I take it that your boiler is not used for heating domestic hot water - otherwise, you'd need to leave the boiler in operation year around.

If you have a standing pilot, it consumes negligible fuel if left burning during the summer. But if you want to turn it off, go ahead - turn the knob on the gas valve to the OFF position. Some people like to leave the pilot on during the summer to prevent spider webs that could clog the pilot. Others (like me) turn off the pilot during the summer months because it does add a bit of moisture to the flue and to the fireside of the heat exchanger.

If you don't know how to relight the pilot, have a handy neighbor show you.

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