Advice gas boiler radiant heat leak

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Advice gas boiler radiant heat leak

I saw this in a very old post that no one followed up on catastrophic leak (like a whole system going to 0 in a couple hours) is probably not in the embedded tubing." I have my late parents house, old gas boiler,, cant find anyone to help. Up ****ts creek and to quote HBO, WINTER IS COMING can anyone elaborate on this?
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Welcome to the forums.

If you are not familiar with the system is may be best to get a tech in to look at first. Try your gas provider company. They usually have good techs.

We can help you but it's going to be like 20 questions as we have no idea what you have there.
1) is the boiler full of water ?
2) does the boiler light ?
3) what is the pressure on the gauge ?
4) is the water supply turned on to the boiler ?
5) how many zones is the system ?
6) does the circulator pump work ?

Pictures are a big help. The boiler and piping around it. How-to-insert-pictures
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Hi, thank you for your reply. I'll post some pics, but here's the story. This is my late parent's house, this unit has been in use and fully functional for years. At the end of last season, I noticed an issue with the pressure. The only company that services gas boilers in my area has grossly over charged me the last few years and I believe their negligence contributed directly to the issues I am now dealing with. Pilot works and is on, pumps are good, Pump 1 is new as of last year and I changed out the pressure relief valve myself to get 1 last night of heat the last time the temp dropped this spring. I am guessing about 20 years ago the heating co. and my contractor dad found and fixed a leak under the kitchen floor. The guy on that job came by when I called and pretty much said if thre was a leak, he wanted nothing to do with it and that we would need to install baseboards. I need to make this work 1 more season. Expansion tank keeps waterlogging, a few gate valves on the manifold dripped, can't quite get the upper floor radiators to bleed all the way. I need to get it up and running so I can get some thermal images, I also have some Base hit Ii. I can't get a leak detection co. in my area and if I need to upgrade, I'm thinking about Upnors retrofit panels. None of this is covered by insurance and I have 6 more mths left of grad school until I can buy out my siblings and use the loan cash to fix the system, roof, septic... Im in it deep... I have been reading everything I could find since this happened in Feb, on this site and On The Wall hoping that I could find a solution before now, but snow is coming next week and I am at the end of my rope..House is a 1950's build Usonian, on slab, 1 story above ground and another story half underground, built into a hill. As attached as I am to my childhood home, my kid is even more so, so I am in it for the long haul and want to make sure that it is safe and functional for now, and easy and affordable to maintain for her future.
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We are going to need the pictures before offering much help. We need pictures that are well lit and in focus; blurry or dark pictures are useless. They also need to be from a far enough distance to see how everything is put together, close ups are not needed sat this point. It will also help us if you use multiple paragraphs rather than clumping all your words into a single paragraph.

This statement, "I also have some Base hit Ii." is meaningless to me, please explain.

How much money are you willing or able to commit to this project? One of the first things I will recommend is to install a "make-up water meter" so you will KNOW if you have a leak. How are your pipe fitting skills?

Much more but I need to see the pictures.
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It would be great if your system has a couple of zones, so you might be able to close part of it off, and go from there. Leaks on the older slab jobs are usually bad news. As Furd said, pictures are needed. And yeah baseboard is what you probably will have to do. You might not have to do it all at once, if you can do a big room or two in the middle of the house, that might get you through the winter. If you can find time, maybe a night trade class on plumbing heating might be available, or try to barter something.
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I tend to think you need some professional help from somebody whose references you've checked, to deal in person with. You need to be able to pay that person's hourly rate while he comes in and diagnoses your situation. Based on my estimate of your experience, I don't think you can realistically solve this problem with free advice over the Internet.
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In what state do you reside? Surely there are some good service companies out there with the needed experiance.

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