Pilot light won't stay lit.

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Pilot light won't stay lit.

Scrap this thread. They came and changed my meter and switched the gas off. Ha, ha!

I know what you are thinking... Thermocouple! Sadly though, this problem is at least a bit more sophisticated. I was having my pilot go out and changed the thermocouple. It did seem better, but still would go out from time to time. The pilot light has been a bit smaller lately, but I ignored it very well. That was all good and well until it would not stay alit anymore. I am talking about with the thermocouple being bypassed by holding down the gas ****. I took out the jet and cleaned it, but still the same. I tried unscrewing the pilot adjustor all the way out, but of no help. I do hear a valve actuating when I push down the gas ****. I am worried to pull the panel off and get into the guts as I will ruin the gasket and may still have no idea what I am doing!

The heater brand is Stadt and the regulator box or whatever it is called has the brand Essex on it.
The thing I have taken a photo of is what seems to be a part that has been changed previously. Makes me think of the thermocouple bypass. And also makes me consider it could be the problem.


And do I need a gasket from the manafacturer if I were to open it?
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See the cap screw on the right-hand edge of the gas valve in the photo? Remove that screw, and you should see another screw that adjusts the size of the pilot flame. Turn it CCW a bit. Make sure that the pilot flame envelopes the tip of the thermocouple.
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Looking at your pics you do realize you have your gas valve switch shut off . Turn the knob to pilot position and light the pilot and then turn the knob to the on position to light the main flame.

The arrow on the knob will tell you if it's open or closed.

Just a thought from your pics unless you did that after you took the pics.

Hope this helps a little.
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Glad you got the problem fixed.

I believe you were asking about opening the gas valve. That is one thing that should never be attempted. There are too many things that can go wrong if something is not reinstalled correctly inside it.
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Thank you all. It was the gas being switched off by someone from the gas company. Classic mistake!

I had a feeling that was the case PJ Max. Thanks for the tip!

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