I need more heat in my living room....

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I need more heat in my living room....

Hi everyone,
My wife and I purchased our home in 2014 and before we moved in we had the hardwood floors refinished. During that process, we removed a section of baseboard in our living room that was cosmetically damaged and was in the way of furniture.
We had no problems since, except that the room is a bit under heated.....now we have a child.
The room is not good for our son, and we need more heat. In the space I have room for one six ft section of new baseboard.
With that in mind I was thinking of using a Buderus panel radiator as opposed to a baseboard because it has a higher heat output in basically a smaller package. I think the panel radiator might look better as well.
Can I add a panel radiator in the baseboard loop without changing anything? Will it work good? I assume if I add the panel radiator to the loop, the individual thermostat (on the new radiator) can't be used?
If I can't add the panel, what is the best new baseboard to use?

Thank you,
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A panel forced hot radiator or even an old fashioned hot water radiator can be put in line with a baseboard loop. The possible problem is that the output might not match the other radiators on the loop and the room could get much warmer than the other rooms. Rooms further down the line could get colder because the temperature of the FHW declines after passing through each radiator in the loop. Now you could cover the radiator or its vent holes to balance the heat among the rooms but that eliminates the attractiveness you got when you chose the new radiator.

The valve, if any, must be kept fully open on a radiator installed in a loop with other radiators when there is a wall thermostat that controls the heat.

You have to figure out whether the heat output will match the rest of the radiators. The lack of ease of making this calculation leads most people to choose a new radiator of the same kind as the rest.
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You can read all about them here if you scroll down to the info part.


Panel radiator(s) can be installed using individual supply and return piping, monoflow tee loop piping or one continuous pipe piping arrangements.

The statement above comes out of the Submittal Sheet section.
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Is there any bare copper pipe in the existing baseboard loop in the living room? If so, you might consider a Fin Clamp Baseboard Element.

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