Any Burnham Revolution Experts? I need advice.


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Any Burnham Revolution Experts? I need advice.

I recently purchased a home that was built in 2003 and has an original, propane-fueled Burnham Revolution, Model RV5PSL-12 boiler. I am questioning its fuel consumption as it seems excessive to me and from what I have learned this system may have been installed incorrectly. According to the installation manual I have, the zone circulator pumps should be installed on the send side and they are not. The circulator pumps are on the return side, which is typical for most boilers. There apparently is interference with the internal variable speed mixing circulator having the zone circulators on the return side.

In speaking with a few service companies I am getting conflicting answers. Some say it makes no difference at all, some say it makes very little difference some say they should be moved per the installation manual and efficiency will improve.

Before I spend the money to move the curculator pumps I would like to get advice from an expert with these boilers. I reached out to US Boiler (Burnham) but they will not talk technical with a homeowner. I would like to to know if its worth doing given the age of the system . What would the efficiency improvement be in %, if any? Will I get a payback in fuel savings?

The system runs good, has 3 heat zones plus an indirect domestic hot water heater however the baseboard radiators do take a long time to heat up , thus the system seems to run a long time when there is a call for heat. This is what led me to investigate this further.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.
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How big is your home and does it have decent windows and some attic insulation? Moving the pumps will not be significant fuel savings. There is a small variable circulator speed control called a VS000. There are two lights on this control. When there is a demand for heat or DHW the upper light should be on steady and the lower should blink and as he boiler water gets hotter the flashing should slow down. At 160f - 170f the lower light should be on steady. If not there could be a problem which could raise the fuel consumption.
If the boiler is oversized which about 85% of installed boiler are 100% oversized that would cause increased fuel consumption.
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The house has a main floor of 1825 sq ft finished living space. The lower level is a walk out basement with the perimeter walls being concrete half way up and framed the rest of the way up to the 1st floor deck. The finished living space in the basement is 1200 sq. ft and is all studded, insulated and sheet rocked. The remainder of the basement area consists of a 25 x 25 unheated garage at 625 sq ft and a small utility room where the boiler resides. The utility room is insulated. The unheated garage is directly below finished living space. All wall framing in the house is 2x6 and is well insulated in the walls and attic. The are 3 zones, the main living area at 1200 square ft, the area above the garage at 625 sq ft and the finished basement at 1200 sq ft. Windows are of good quality dual pane. The main living area does have vaulted ceilings.
I do suspect the boiler is oversized.
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Most oil, and gas supply/dealers are more interested in selling their products , than boiler efficiency . You have to find someone / severicesman to see if your boiler can be adjusted a little lower, and still maintain the minimum stack temp for proper stack operation. Good luck
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