Concrete Block retaining wall

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Concrete Block retaining wall

Looking to build a concrete block (standard 8x8x16 hollow cores) retaining wall. I have everything down in my mind on how the build will be, but I started wondering about the ability it would have to topple over since it's a straight wall, and not reinforced with perpendicular points or corners, say like a normal basement wall would be.

The wall will need to be 7' to 8' tall at the highest point, stepping down gradually after a solid 10' run. I intend on doing a 8" thick x 16" wide footing (trenched 3' deep for frost). Should I look into putting a couple intersecting points that would form perpendicular braces of the wall? It will be at least 20' long, so picture a 20' long 8' tall (stepping down after 10') concrete block wall...seems like it may be apt to fall over after a good 15 to 20 years.
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I'm pretty sure a retaining wall of that size would need 12" block with some of them filled with concrete/rebar. You also need to provide for drainage behind the wall. The backside should be waterproofed if you intend to put any finish on the front side.
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I would not even consider building a CMU retaining wall. They must be done properly to avoid problems. Much easier, more reliable and more attractive are pre-cast concrete blocks that are dry stacked to form a retaining wall. I use Keystone but there are other brands of engineered retaining wall blocks. Do NOT consider retaining blocks you find in most home centers no matter what they say.
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Pilot Dane was best choice without a doubt if you want a 7' to 8' high retaining wall and you can tolerate a very slight batter of the exposed face. These units are NEVER laid on a concrete footing and any warranties are void if a concrete footing is used.

To find availability, check with your city or county to see what brand they use and it will probably made reasonably near-by and you can follow the manufacturers installation suggestions that avilable on-line.

Unlike the common 8x8x16 blocks, the SRWs and made to be attractive and exposed and are usually available in colors and with split textured face. The appearance is one of they units these are used on road and sidewalk modifications by municipalities because the look far better than plain-Jane concrete.


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