Historic Preservation

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Historic Preservation

This isn't a "home" project per say but rather one about preservation and masonry. I am overseeing the rehab of a historic structure (a Powder House, which was used to store munitions during the war of 1812) and need to create a temporary patch of sorts. If you look at the picture below, the structure has a gaping hole (probably 4x4) that I'd like to patch to keep water, ice, snow, etc. temporarily. The entire structure is going to be rebuilt but for now, what are my options to close that hole?

I have little to no experience with masonry but assumed I'd need to use some type of metal mesh screening and a quickcrete type mixture?

Thanks in advance!

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How long until the structure get's restored? I don't think it's a temporary patch sort of thing. It looks like it's been in this condition for a long time. Leaving is exposed for a reasonable time isn't likely to cause appreciably more damage. Also keep in mind that a patch or repair can cause more damage. Sometimes is best just left until a full and proper restoration can be performed.

If you've just gotta do something then I think your looking at a masonry project. Remove the loose bricks a re-mortar them in place. Then fill in the hole with more bricks mortared in place. How concerned you are about the historical aspects will determine how well you document it's current condition and the "temporary" repairs. Sometimes repairs are made with obviously different materials so in the future it's easy to tell what is original and what's not, like using bricks of a different style or color. They would still patch the hole but be easily identified when the full restoration takes place.
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Looks like the inner structure where the hole is located is built of stone with an outer coating of stucco. Are the stones missing from the structure located on the floor inside? Is so, there is your repair material along with some mortar.
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howzabout the blue/brown tarp, some conc nails, & sika sealant on the top edge for now ? would've been a help if you'd posted where YOUR 'where' is,,, charleston, sc ? ? ?

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