Need advice for this retainer wall!!


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Need advice for this retainer wall!!

Had one contractor recently out here and well he's trying to get me for another $1000 with the $2600 i already gave him for the materials that are "sitting in my yard" claimed by him, which i've totaled up to $500 .. So hes out the picture since he wont do it cause I'm trying to screw him (he said) but hes got the other $2600 in my account waiting for him.. Luckily i got this on conversation recorded with his permission to record cause i felt like violence was going to break out.. So hopefully i get that $2600 or something back from court.

So im doing it myself since I'm 2600 out of pocket..

His foundation that he said he was going to do 1ft underground, not above.. 4 other contractors said its a good foundation and they would use it.. I wouldnt have hired this guy if he was going above ground..

Wall is 100ft long, 4ft high. My questions are in red.

So heres what the material list is so far.
450- 16x8x8 center blocks
20- bags of concrete mix 4000psi - Mix water/sand/bag to slap the center blocks together
33- 5/8 rebar 10ft long - will be cutting them in half to make it 5ft (1ft in ground 4 ft going up, every 3 ft, well was going every 3ft now i got extra so every 2ft)
Plastic fabric 10ft high x 100 long
Dont know the name fabric but it allows water to pass but not soil. 4ft high - 100ft long
3- french drain boxes - for the lowest spots in my backyard
2- 4" by 100ft long piping - use one behind the wall with the 2 fabrics around it.. Im guessing water will pass through the soil, and stop aganist the wall and just flow out.. hopefully??

Game plan:

Drill every 2ft , 1ft down for the 5/8 rebars (will make triangle so concrete lays in there nicely)
Question: Should i use the bag mix or the concrete truck to fill this in?

The fabric that lets water pass will be laid out, area will be cleaned, old rocks will be cleaned from dirt.. I want to use the plastic fabric to hold in the water from the center blocks and get in the drain piping is this a good idea?

Mix the bag concrete mix with water and sand, slap the center blocks staggered.

Fill back with more clean rocks, call concrete truck and whenever they start pouring will be using a fence pole to clear out the air bubbles.. And the wall is done..

Advice/suggestions.. would be helpful..
heres some pictures of it now..

And before when it collapsed and what was left.. i actually had a 10 year warranty but the contractor didnt put his info on it.. (dont ask.. i was young, and mother didnt speak english) and i found them on fb 2 months later but he denied it and said look at receipt closely.. lol smart people these days.. He didnt even put the french drain system we paid them for.. which is the main reason i believe the wall collapsed, it lasted 7 years..

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I cant see the photos. most engineered retaining walls do not require rebar. they are usually filled with gravel, and have gravel behind the wall, and NO plastic. most walls are designed to drain. Here in NY most towns would require engineered plans that would normally include some sort of geotextile (deadman) going back into retained slope. normally required for walls 36-42" tall.
hope this helps
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I would fill your CMU blocks with concrete not mortar.

Landscape fabric does not "hold water from" anything and I'm not sure what you mean by "hold in the water from the center blocks". Landscape fabric is specifically designed to allow water to pass through while stopping dirt. Make sure your drainage pipe is perforated so the water can enter it. It's also common practice to backfill behind a retaining wall and around your drain pipe with clean stone. The stone allows water to easily pass through so it can drain away.
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