Getting sand to stay between these pavers?

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Getting sand to stay between these pavers?

These are just concrete blocks, and i am using this Paver Sand from Home Depot. I keep dumping sand on, and brushing in with a broom, sometimes wetting and doing it, and a few days later they are empty.

Are there any tricks, or better sand, that i could use so that the sand will fill up and stay? Sometimes i will just take handfuls and run my hand around the block several times until it all looks full... then a few days later there will be holes.

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Hopefully you've packed the underlayment under the pavers well.

There are a lot of little nooks and crannies between the pavers. It may take several applications of sand until the joints are filled. Water usually causes the sand to settle quicker.

Eventually... the gaps will be full.
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Yes, can be frustrating. If you have a hammer drill try this. We set the drill to "Hammer Only" and take a scrap 2x8 or 2x10. Spread the sand and then place the scrap lumber down and hammer on top of the lumber to basically "vibrate the sand/block" and make it go further into the cracks. We use a tile bit on the hammer so it doesn't drill into the wood (although it mangles it) but the vibration helps the sand to better get into the areas between the block. You can do the same with a regular hammer and wood but takes a lot more time.
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Are you concrete blocks solid or do they have hollow voids inside?

You must have a nice sand bed underneath the blocs which fully supports them. If you don't then the sand you pour into the joints is constantly filtering down and trying to fill in any voids.

Sand needs to be tamped or vibrated in order to get it to settle down into the joints properly. If you don't tamp/vibrate then the sand can form bridges that make the crack look full when actually it's empty. Then the movement of walking on the pavers or a rain breaks down the bridge and the sand falls to the bottom of the crack. If you don't have a hammer drill to try Czizzi's method you can also use a block of wood and repeatedly tamp on the pavers to vibrate them enough to settle the sand, and if you get tired of being on your hands and knees attaching a scrap of wood for a handle will allow you tamp while standing up.

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