Attaching air hose reel to block wall

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Attaching air hose reel to block wall

I bought a wall-mount retractable air hose reel that I wanted to hang on the inside wall of my garage, which has cinder block walls.

However I'm not really sure what is the best way to do that on a cinder block wall. The reel itself weighs about 25 lbs, and the instructions say to use four 1/2" bolts to attach it to whatever you're mounting it on (which seems like overkill to me). I looked at anchors at the store but even in 3/8", the shortest anchors I could find were 2" or longer which I don't think would work in the thin "webbing" areas of the blocks.

What should I do? Most of the anchors look like they are for solid concrete so I'm not sure which ones I should use.
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First thing to do is to check to see if some of the hollow "columns" in the block have been filled with concrete in the vicinity of where you want to mount the reel. If you can find such columns then use solid concrete anchor bolts.

Otherwise, I would lay out a pair of 2x4s (or 2x6s if necessary) on either side of a web and using a combination of adhesive made for wood-to-concrete and a minimum of two (three better) toggle bolts to hold the wood to the wall. Then mount the reel to the wood.
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Toggler snap-toggles work very well for this type of application provided, as Furd pointed out, that they will be used in the hollow areas of the block. Advantage of them over traditional toggle bolts is that the toggle stays put when bolt is removed.

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