what type of concrete for sidewalk apron? remesh also?


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what type of concrete for sidewalk apron? remesh also?

widening driveway apron a few feet. Yes it's allowed and am getting the permit is only like $50.

what's the best type of concrete/cement to use for this? Add fibers? Add bonding agent/fortifier to strengthen the concrete?

Add remesh? I read about rebar and remesh in sidewalks on a forum and people said it's not used but others say it is used in all sidewalks in their area. For ~$20 more I might as well add it. This is in NJ BTW.

I'll email sakrete and quickrete asking if they have a pre-bagged version of this type of concrete I can get at a store but figured I'd ask here also. For some reason I don't think regular 'concrete 80lb bags' are the best type and might have to source out a masonry supply yard or get a special order to HD/lowes or something.

I'm cutting a line down existing apron and removing some concrete, tamping gravel, build form, add remesh, then pour 4" thick, then mist daily for a slow strong cure.

I'm putting black foam roll expansion joint:
1) between regular sidewalk and the sloped ramp of the apron
2) where I cut out the existing end of the apron (the cut going straight up and down if facing up the driveway),
3) and where the apron's ramp meets the 1.5" bump/curb which is part of the gutter also being redone.

Main question is what concrete to use.

A house two blocks away widened the apron years ago, I don't know how long ago it was but it's all beat up looking and can see all the 3/4" crushed blue stone as if they either used regular concrete and shouldn't have and rain then spalled it to expose blue stone and/or they just didn't know how to mix and pour concrete but I doubt the homeowners did this themselves, so it's strange it looks like that. All the other sidewalks and aprons were built in 1980 and look fine but that one is spalled and possibly also crumbling.

thanks in advance for any info.
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I'm a painter not a concrete guy but usually the city has a set specs for sidewalks and aprons. The first thing I'd do would be to find out what they require so it will pass inspection.
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they just said 'concrete'. They don't actually do the work, they sub it out to a local mason. I will call some masons and see if any will help me out just giving info, unless someone here has actually had experience with this and knows the best option. I'm ok with adding fibers and remesh and bonder for a few bucks more it'll make it stronger. thanks
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