question about building a paver patio?


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question about building a paver patio?

So I redid my decks a couple years ago (long project) and left one opening in the lower deck for an extra set of stairs I want to go down into my yard where I want to put a paver patio. Nothing huge maybe just 10x10 (12x12 tops) for grilling where Ill made a solid grill and move one of my concrete counters out to.


The area in question, the previous owner had a pool about 16x16 which left a MASSIVE indent in the ground we never filled. My question is, do you guys think if I just leveled out the indent (but left it) and used some block retainer bricks (stackable about 2 or 3 high)
to build a retaining wall and then filled the interior with the stone and dust it would work? I would leave about a foot or two out with the indent as well to fill in in front of the bricks to keep them from possibly heaving forward, or maybe even pour some cement in front, not sure yet.

I kind of think it would look cool also cause it would probably keep the patio above the grass line.

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The base is the most important part. Read up on how to biuld base and follow that. I learned the hard way not to cut corners on doing this.
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I would not use the edging/retaining blocks sold by big box home centers. And with pre-cast retaining wall blocks you still need to excavate under where they will go and install a crushed stone base.
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I understand how to install the retaining blocks, Ive built a few of those walls now, always dig down and pour sand a gravel. Theyve lasted years now. Ive also done a couple mini patios and walkways where I dug down to put the paver base and stone dust.

I just figured instead of digging the pool indent is literally like 3" below the rest of the lawn grade so half the work was done, then if I used the retaining blocks I could give it a really cool raised look and get an extra 1 or 2 inches for a real good base. I would def still put the blocks themselves in the ground at least 1 deep. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

Just looking for some opinions on if anyone ever attempted this, I might do it just for kicks. If it last a few years and I have to redo it, eh whats a 10x10 area going to cost me in time when the pavers are already 24"x24" lol.

If you guys are interested Ill post a few pics after, if I dont realize its a fruitless endevour and blow my own brains out with an air compressor.
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