Roots Under Patio Foundation


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Roots Under Patio Foundation

I recently removed a large tree that was growing in the corner between the house (raised foundation) and a porch addition. The porch walls are stucco covered cinder block and it appears there isn't much of a footing. It appears to just be sitting on the dirt.

I've cut the tree stump pretty far back and now there are just these large remaining roots running under the porch foundation.

The soil is very compacted and I don't want to risk any further damage by continuing to dig out the remaining roots.

How should I handle this situation? Should I just leave the roots and fill the dirt back in? Do I need to now shore up the area I dug out? If I leave the roots ,won't that weaken the soil under the foundation once they rot?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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It looks like you've already undermined the porch. For the short term I would back fill the area to prevent animals from getting underneath the porch.

As far as what to do I think you have two major routes. Do nothing for now and wait to see if settling problems to appear in the porch and address them at that time. Or, if you want to address it now you can remove the roots under the foundation, pour a footer and rebuild the foundation wall for the porch.
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That is a mess.

With the tree removed the roots will now begin to rot, it's not a question of if, but when they will give way.

You really do not have an option, if resolved now the damage to the structure should not get any worse, wait a few years then your still going to have to fix the foundation but then also have to repair when it starts collapsing and pulling away from the main structure!
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No animals can get under the porch - it's solid hard compacted dirt. Maybe the picture is misleading but there is only about 4 inches of depth of soil removed in between the large roots depth-wise. The porch is on a slight incline so the slope of the gap is a bit more pronounced than in reality.

The porch patio is covered in brick so it looks like the porch was just put directly on compacted soil with a base layer. Per the permits from the 80's when this porch was built, the walls are just stucco-covered cinder block.

Given that the porch roof has also rotted out, I'm thinking that the whole thing will need to replaced in the next few years.

In the meantime, I'm leaning towards a temporary fix of either back-filling and compacting or creating a small form and filling the void with concrete.
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