How To Repair and Color Match?

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How To Repair and Color Match?

I need to be able to patch very small drill holes (5mm) into various colored brick, concrete, stucko, hardy board, etc. Various surfaces but most seem brick or concrete based.

Any recommendations on a patching product? I'm located in Ontario Canada so cold winters and hot summers.

My initial thought it to use a mortar or concrete patch compound, try to find similar colored bricks, crush them to dust, mix dust with mortar until color match is achieved. Or mix paint / dye with the mortar.

Really looking for advice, thanks!
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5 mm is pretty small. I'd probably just caulk them with a concrete polyurethane, and push your crushed brick dust into the surface.

Hardieboard will get painted so just caulk and smooth it.
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Mortar will work, have patched holes in brick wall mortar joints and stucco walls that matched pretty good.

Getting the color will be difficult. Even if you pulverize existing materials for colorant by the time you mix it with the mortar it will be diluted somewhat.

Many years ago there was a cement supplier that sold concrete dyes in small quantities, it usually comes in large 50# bags but I haven't looked in a long time.

Either way it's a small patch and at least it better than a hole!
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My solution? My recipe is 1 portland 2 sand. I live in NYC so we have cold winters and freeze and thaw cycles. I would mix that up and apply and then use crushed brick dust and then apply that over the cement mix. Or you can use Rapidset Mortar Mix. That works like concrete imo.

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