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My preformed 4 step concrete steps have settled and now I have 2" between the step and foundation. I need to spread/jack the steps away from the foundation as much as possible until I can grab and tip the steps back to expose underneath, then install proper fill underneath to better support it. They weigh abt 300#?
I looked at screw jacks but i don't think the space is enough for one to fit. I have a shop spreader clamp but need abt 5" to use it. Trying to do this myself instead of paying a couple of guys $100... can't get anyone around to do physical work, lol, but I thought a low-profile spreader/jack/device would be handy to have for whatever may come up.
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Maarkr, you may not want to spend this much but something like this was my first thought. This thing has a "duck bill" adapter that is for tight places. Obviously, it wont raise it much at a time but you could raise it a time or two & keep blocking it until you could get a screw jack or another hydraulic jack under it.

You could look around & find something cheaper or you could use this "unsafe" situation as an excuse to buy a new tool


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I have one of those HF porta powers and it works well although I didn't realize they have gotten that pricey. I paid $30-$40 for mine but then that was about 40 yrs ago. I've never used it a lot but it does come in handy. I have never tried to move concrete with it though.

Would a long stout steel bar give you enough leverage to raise it?
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thanks, to be clear, this is to leverage the top step away from the ledger board... and I don't want to damage the top step by using a steel bar and not sure if I could pull it anyway.
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Don't know the footprint of the steps where they meet the foundation, but could try a come-a-long with a chain around the steps. If the step footprint allows, cut a section of pvc pipe into 2 half pipes and place between the chain and steps so the chain force is spread over a larger area. Anchor come-a-long to tree or vehicle.

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