Garage Floor Cracks

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Garage Floor Cracks


Live in a typical New England Colonial.
Garage is on basement level, below living room, as is typical.

Concrete floor has developed many cracks.
Some, pretty good size,

I guess there a multitude of caulks, epoxy caulks, etc. I couild ue
to fill them in, but is there anhy product that is truly sgtructual ?
Not just a "crack filler" ?

Or, should I hire e.g. Crack X znd let them try ?
What do they use ?

Or, just try filling with regular cement ?
Would it still bond to the old ?

BTW: Is this the most appropriate Forum for this ?

Any thoughts or comments would be most appreciated.

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The cracking is likely much more than a tube of magic caulk can fix. There are some structural epoxy fixes suitable for basement or foundation walls but not really for floors. You can do almost anything you want with the cracks since your efforts will be cosmetic. You can try filling them with mortar or caulk. That would at least give you a contiguous surface a bit easier to clean. Unfortunately it sounds like there is movement in the concrete so the cracks are likely to reappear.

About the only fix that could be considered permenant to get rid of the cracks would be replacement. After the old concrete is broken up and removed things like fiber reinforced concrete and/or mesh and rebar reinforcement can be used to limit cracking in the future.

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