Pry bar: flat vs hex


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Pry bar (flat) vs Crowbar (hex)

What is the difference, and when do u use each type?

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Wow, really?

Flat when you want to cause the least damage to the wood surface , possibly using a putty knife or cardboard under the pivot point...and hex when you just want to rip crap apart.

A crowbar is hex, normally longer and much stronger...a flat bar would be a smaller one hand tool for removing molding or similar.
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Flat pry bars tend to be smaller than hex pry bars but it's like any tool whatever works for the specific situation!
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I agree, it depends on the job at hand which one you'd want to use. I have multiples of both and generally pick the one most suited for the job at hand. Is there anything specific you are working on?
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Thx everyone for the help. I know what to do now
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I keep one of each in my truck. The longer J shaped hex bar is used most often for demolition when I don't have to save anything. It's length is required for removing long, large framing nails and to pry stubborn pieces apart. The smaller flat bar however gets the most use. It's still got the strength for most situations and it's shorter length allows you to work in tighter spots.
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Crow bar = Rooster Bar...Roosters crow, don't hey?
credit to the 3 Stooges.
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The larger J bars, heretofore referred to as crowbars, are also referred to as wrecking bars, and if you think of them that way it pretty well sums it up. As was mentioned, they are great for demolition work and like that, but aren't what you want for removing window or door trim; that's where flat bars are better suited, usually after you open the gap a bit with a putty knife.
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