Dust Control for basic woodworking


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Dust Control for basic woodworking

If this belongs in tools - please move....I am hoping more hobbyists visit here to speak about the experience.

I am just doing some very basic woodworking in my basement...Cutting with table saw I am doing outside but routing, sanding miter cuts - I am doing in my basement.
I am using 12 Gal. 5HP shop vac connected to Oneida Cyclone that goes to whatever tool I need to use at the time.....

My questions are as follow:
1. For dust control when using only 1 tool at a time with short run hose....would I benefit by buying an entry level dust collector under $500 ? Are those better in my particular situation or only when and if I decide to start connecting multiple tools to the vac system at once ?

2. How much do I lose in terms of suction / dust control by using Cyclone device? Would I be better off to stick with HEPA filter bag inside the shop vac and just put up with paying for replacement whenever filled up ?

Wonder if you have any other tips to collect/control dust in my particular situation.... again... this isn't a shop, no multiple tools running...no big deal for me to keep attaching one tool at a time to my shop vac.

Thank you
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indoor cutting is always a dusty situation at best.

my buddy has an indoor shop and he, well his wife, is always complaining about dust during a project. He has some type of canister filter set up and was looking to move it outdoors to relocate the point of collection. I know it 's got big round filter, not sure if HEPA.
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Maybe I should ask a different question.....for a hobbits who switched from a shop vac to a dust extractor for about $500 or less - and assuming you don't have a large shop - did you notice superior dust control for the individual tools ?
Is there less dust around your shop now ?
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When I had my shop in the corner of the basement I used a shopvac for a long time and moved it from machine to machine. I was offered a 2-stage DC for free from a buddy so I then added pipes & gate valves but the biggest benefit was the much reduced noise. It didn't keep the shop or house any cleaner. It's crucial to capture as much of the dust as possible before it gets thrown in the air. It's worth the effort to build fences & guards that include dust collection at the offending source.

The Oneida cyclone is a great first stage and should be catching almost all the dust before it gets to your vac & canister. It doesn't lose much static pressure or CFM airflow. A HEPA filter might be a benefit IF there isn't much airborn dust already in your shop. Not much point in adding a HEPA filter to the vac outlet if your router is filling the shop (and your lungs) with dust.

If I had it to do over--in the basement--I would choose either one of the wall-mount dust collectors or the cheap-but-well-reviewed Harbor Freight roll-around DC.
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My thoughts are the key to any good dust extraction system is discharging the air outside..... even if it's just a shop vac.
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