Mold on window sill/track-Using Concrobium


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Mold on window sill/track-Using Concrobium

I'm just wondering, if I'm wanting to use this to clean some mold off of a few windows in my house, is spraying it on the mold first, before cleaning it, good enough to kill the mold? I would then after cleaning, spray another coat on it as the protective layer.

Also, when using these products to clean these windows, I'm fine with wearing the goggles, mask and gloves, but do I need to section off each room as I clean the windows? Throw away clothes? Clean everything in the rooms? Especially like in my sons room or kitchen? I know the concrobium is fine, but I'm nervous about the mold spores spreading all throughout the house.

Then, what about my son? He's 4 1/2. Should I clean it without him in the house? I'll have protective gear on but he won't obviously.. I won't have him right next to me either. But it makes me nervous. I could take him to my moms for a couple hours while I do it probably if I had to.

Are all of those ideas just overboard? I've been reassured that typically mold on window sills is not the most dangerous toxic kind, so that's good. And i'm wondering, since many years ago, we didn't have the ability to remove moisture from the air as well and in older houses mold was probably very common. I'm sure media has scared people like with lots of things.

And I will add, our house is 20 years old, we have had no other mold issues, besides a minor one after a leak in our toilet. But we replaced the whole floor in there because we needed new tiles anyway. So I'm sure it's just from the condensation in the windows, the cold air on one side meeting the warm air on the other. And we have blinds up.. so I often (admittedly) forget to clean behind them in the winter when they are closed all the time.

So anyway, I just want to get it cleaned. Any tips on how to do it properly and safely, but not go overboard either. And I want to avoid bleach!

Thank you so much!
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I'm assuming you are referring to the black mold that you find on the inside corners & crevices of the window frame and sill?

It's from dust/lint and moisture from water condensing on the window in the winter.

Every spring I clean our windows, everything, and just use a tooth brush with a little bleach and scrub it out.
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Yes and it's all along the track. Pretty caked on. I sprayed concrobium on it. I'm not sure how long it has to sit before I scrub it off.

So you don't t think this is a very dangerous type?

after it's dry, I will use more of the concrobium to clean it up with a rag and tooth brush.

I was just very nervous to do it with my son in the house and in his room especially. I didn't want to have to throw everything out or clean everything in his room and all over the house.. after doing it.
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Are all of those ideas just overboard?
Likely overboard, yes. Mold is an allergen whether it is alive or dead, so "killing it" is besides the point. And everyone has different tolerance levels for how much their nose can take. Suffice to be said that mold remediation has become a big business that has everyone's imagination running wild and getting the best of them.

Best thing you can do is simply use a detergent, toothbrush and rag. Nothing will become airborne if it's wet. Period.
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I Just wipe out the dirt and mold in the window tracks. This is usually when I'm cleaning the windows so the only cleaner I use is Windex or any other cheap blue liquid at hand. No special treatment is needed. Just basic cleaning.
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It does seem to be true from all my reading that the dangerous toxic black mold does not grow on windows typically. Toxic black mold doesn't survive well on surfaces that take different temp changes like windows do. It does seem like it's been blown out of proportion.

I went ahead and got them all cleaned today. I wore my gear, but hopefully everything else is fine. The only issue I had, was when the wind was blowing it in at me and into my bedroom as I was cleaning it. I even did it with my son here. Just made him hang out in the living room while I did his room. I'm sure it will be fine.

I wet it with the concrobium first. There were some stains that wouldn't come off and some areas of the window that are just impossible to reach, which I assume would be a problem on all windows so I'm not too worried. But other than that, they are all clean.
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