How do I get those off !!!? Help!

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Angry How do I get those off !!!? Help!

Well my mother put Murphy's oil soap on the stainless steel dishwasher to
get rid of some white stuff.

Now she can't get that stuff off.

I tried to help. I tried vinegar, comet with bleach in it, furniture polish, spic n span, glass clean, hot water, grease cut dish detergent, baking soda.... I did everything

I guess the only way to cover them with magnets or put oil soap all over the dishwasher to match the color.

Oh well.

What can we do?

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I've never once seen anything Murphy's Oil soap was good for but it's highly unlikely that's what caused the issue.
I find it hard to believe that's what's causing the real issue.
I'm not there to see it but to me it looks like it was a polished stainless steel finish and someone used something like a green Scothch brite pad to clean it.
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They do look like abrasions. Its so fuzzy its hard to tell.

I would suggest Cameo stainless steel cleaner (gently wipe in one direction with a wet cloth).
Once that is clean and dry, wipe everything down with a cloth soaked in mineral oil.

If as Joe pointed out, you have scrubbed and abraded (micro-scratched) the surface, all bets are off.
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The comet and spic and span may have damaged the surface.
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It looks like it had nothing to do with the Murphy's. It was the pad used to scrub. Magnets won't stick to most stainless steels nor is their a spray that will fix it. With care the stainless can be made to look good again with industrial 3M Scotch Brite pads. They can be purchased online or in the tool section of home centers. It's basically a sandpaper scrubbing pad. Use the pad on the stainless always moving with a straight back and forth motion in line with the graining currently on the stainless. If done correctly it will sand/buff a new finish into the metal.
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Originally Posted by Pilot Dane
...3M Scotch Brite pads...
I'd like to try this tip. Can you expand on your recommendation by telling me which grit to use?
(Like sandpaper SB pads come in many grits--identified by color)
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The pads are available in different grit's. I like the finish from the gray pads (#7446). If that's too coarse I'd try the burgundy #8447.

Here is a .pdf from 3M descibing the pads.

The key is long, straight strokes. If there is any arc to your movements it will show. I would polish the problem areas first to get them close. Always polish with the grain. Then when the bad areas are looking good do the entire surface from end to end with long straight strokes to get the final, uniform finish you want.

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