Cultured Marble Vanities Turning Yellow?

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Smile Cultured Marble Vanities Turning Yellow?

Hi everyone
I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right category, so please shove me to the correct one if needed, please. I have been working to put my house on the market. And it may be just my vision, but in the master bath, the double sink and quite large vaity seems to be turning a yellowish color. Oh, I'll repeat that it is cultured marble. We built the house in 1988 and moved in Jan. 1,1989.
I need to add here, that we also had a jacuzzi tub. It was originally built with the same tiles as our shower, and was not originally supposed to be a jacuzzi. I asked the builder if he could change it to include the jacuzzi makins', and he said no problem. Later we found he had never installed a jacuzzi tub, and apparently there was a problem with the pan leaking into the walls. After a few attempts to fix it, he admitted defeat and had a cultured marble one installed. So, it's possible that after 30 years, the vanity really is turning yellow. But the jacuzzi is still looking more white with gray streaks, where the vanity looks like a wanna be jacuzzi color.
My hope is that someone here will know something about cultured marble dis-coloring, and how to clean and/or refinish it. I didn't want to use too many cleaners on it, plus I am limited by a septic system as to what I can use safely. I also understand that the builder may have used a lower quality material and could be why there seems to be such a difference in the two items.
OK. That is my problem. I hope I gave enough information for one or twenty of you to save me with a solution. Preferably a low cost since I do plan to sell in the next six months max.
Thank you all. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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I can only suspect that any material that is 30 years old and is in an environment like a shower with heat and steam that it's just naturally aging and changing color. I doubt that there is anything that can be done!
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Is the yellowish color darker near the drain? If he used plumbers putty that will migrate and discolor cultured marble.
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Smile Oy Vey!!

Thanks for the feedback @Norm201 and @Marq1
I'm afraid Marq is probably right. But you know, I found a website***********The guy ho answered (well it was an article) was Lee Wyatt. I can try it, but will have to find the site and article to clarify. Basically he said you make a paste .....hmm. Sorry I am reading what I printed, and there are a lot of holes in it. Like he talks about making a solution, but the solution he only says to use Polident denture cleaner or even Alka seltzer. And for large spaces like mine, he says to put down absorbing cloths, pour the solution right on and let it sit for an hour, while keeping the cloth damp. Then you just pull up the towels and wipe with clean sponge. I'm having a hard part of the term 'solution', although I suppose water and alka seltzer could be a solution? I need to find the website and ask some questions. At least it said it was updated Nov. 2017.
Wish me luck!
Thanks again!

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