Fix laundry closet - price estimate


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Fix laundry closet - price estimate


My house has one of those regular closets as laundry room; however, newer machines are deeper than the closet. I am planning to hire someone to fix it and here are the things are needed to be done:

- Fix the threshold by probably adding new corner bead and plaster
- Cut half of back drywall to gain about an inch
- Relocate dryer outlet
- Expand exhaust hole to insert the dryers output straight into it
- Paint whatever is damaged
- Mount doors

I am in Florida and the contractor wants $2225.00 for the work. I don't have how many guys and days are required for this but I wanted to know if this is on price. It should expensive today.

Thanks in advanced. Ralph
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Your last paragraph could use a proofread and correction.

It is pretty hard for someone offsite.... that can't see the work.... to offer an estimate. I'd say that price is on the high side. My recommendation is to call and get a second price. I'm guessing if you're near the storm ravaged areas you may have a hard time getting additional estimates and may find all the estimates will be higher than expected.
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Cut half of back drywall to gain about an inch
Your drywall is likely 1/2" thick. If your house is block construction there should be a 3/4" furring strip [or thicker] between the drywall and the block.

Fix the threshold by probably adding new corner bead and plaster
You probably mean the drywall return, a threshold is on the floor.

How much depth do you need to gain? It's best to get several estimates along with checking references. When contractors are extra busy it usually drives the cost up.
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I need to gain at least 1 1/2" but the biggest problem is the dryer exhaust. I have brought a few people to look at the job but no one wants to deal with the problem and instead just do workarounds which is why I can't compare apples to apples. My other option is to bring someone I babysit while I tell them what to do; however, that wouldn't be honest from my side. I have tried to lower their price but he is reluctant to do so.

I would like to hear from someone that is facing (or have faced) the same problem since all old houses in Florida have the same type of room.

Good to hear everyone's opinion.
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Please post pictures of the laundry room.
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We're all flying blind here but I lived in an apartment that had, I believe, a similar setup. The bifold doors were removed since the washer/dryer stuck out over the threshold.

As a couple alternatives what about 1) finding a compact washer/dryer combo that will fit your closet. May cost more and they may not even be out there but worth looking. 2) Rather than modifying the back of the closet can you bring the door frame out? So you'd just have a thicker jam. Wouldn't have to relocate any vents, plumbing, or electrical.
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