Networking Terminology

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Networking Terminology

So this is pretty much a question to satisfy my OCD on labeling.
My buddy has his house fed with coax to a modem in a cabinet in his basement (demarc?). Coax branches out from here for his cable tv lines.
However at some point in the house's history, a router was placed in another room on the other side of the house on the upper floor. All the internet (cat5) lines were run to this router, with a coax line run from this router back to the modem to connect the two.
He got a new router that lacks a coax connection. I will be running a Cat5 line for him from the modem to the router.
My question is, what would a professional communications electrician call this line connecting the two?
Also out of curiosity, what would the pros refer to the following lines as:
- cable tv line (coax)
- internet line (cat5/6)
- phone line (cat5/6)

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To me, a cat 5 between the modem & the router would be a data connection although many people would call it an Ethernet connection. However, Ethernet is proprietary name belonging to Xerox. I try to stay away from using proprietary names. Not all hot tubs are Jacuzzi. Not all tissues are Kleenex. Not all paper towels are Scott. You get the idea.
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Interesting - never knew Ethernet was a Xerox term. I recall my elderly neighbor would refer to his refrigerator as 'The Frigidare '. I have a Power Point document with all my house wiring labelled for reference.

I used 'CATV' for the cable line to the Cable Modem. The term 'Cable Modem' I don't think is accurate - I think of a modem as 'Modulate, de-modulate, as in digital to analog in a phone line modem. I would have named it Cable Converter, but maybe that would have been too vague. In the document I used color coded lines for the data and phone line connections, if I were to label them I'd refer to any computer/data cables as 'Data' like ShortyLong mentioned, and phone cables as 'Phone'.

I don't have cable TV, fortunate to be an an altitude to pick up excellent HD signals with a non-amplified outside antenna.

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