Specific Computer Threat Fix (antivirus?)

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Specific Computer Threat Fix (antivirus?)

There are many threads here about Antivirus software etc but I have a specific question/issue to ask about.

Ocasionally, my wife & I both get the dreaded "Your computer has been infected & all your credit card info is being sent to hackers" etc, etc.
Now, don't get me wrong, yes its possibly a virus or malware or something I understand that. But this has been going on for years without any real threat or damage/destruction to date. I am not too sure that some of this isn't MS just popping this up occasionally just to get $250 out of you to fix an imaginary problem.
It always says "if you turn your computer off, it wont start back &/or you'll loose all your data" etc, etc. All kinds of scary messages to get you to call MS at the number posted, so they can get $250 out of you.
Again, I have seen this message pop up for years on many different computers I have owned. Personally, I just turn the computer off, wait a minute & turn it back on & all is fine.

I guess my intent here is to get info on what you do & if you have found an antivirus, malware, spybot software etc that will stop this.
In your opinion or knowledge, do you believe that this is a legit threat or is it a ploy by MS. Personally, I have never found it to be a threat... so far. However, I don't KNOW, so I am going on my personal experience for years. But again, I am curious if you KNOW or have had experience with an "Anti-" software that will find this bug & get rid of it & what that software is.

I have used free AVG & Malware bytes for years without any issues. I have never gotten a virus that I know of using these two "anti" software, especially that has been a real threat or an issue to my knowledge.

I have done some research on "The best top 10 Antivirus/malware/spybot" software etc & everyone seems to have different answers. I am wondering if anyone has first hand experience with these pop up threats & warnings & how you got rid of them.
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I don't get them often but when I do, I kill the browser session from Task Manager and then run CCleaner to empty all the caches and temporary files.
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In your opinion or knowledge, do you believe that this is a legit threat or is it a ploy by MS.
Neither. It's a ploy but not by MS. I use Noscript in Firefox to block those things & Anti Malware from malwarebytes.org to clean the PC. Anti Virus is basically worthless. There is no way that they can keep up with 3/4 million new viruses that are released daily. The 3/4 million # came from David Perry formerly of Trend Micro.
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Yes, it's a ploy, but not by MS. I can't recall ever getting any messages like that. If I do run into any funny stuff, I do like stickshift.
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Thanks so far guys (& ladie) I'll try what Stickshift said, although I dont think you can access anything once that comes up. You're essentially stuck on that pop-up. I'll give ctrl/alt/delete a try the next time I see it. I have used CC cleaner in the past & I think I still have it one one computer, I'll check.

The reason I say its MS, is because in my experience & what I have read out there, it really is a MS phone number on the screen to call. For a long time, I assumed (& I am sure some are) that it was a scam to get you to call the number & some hacker would release the computer for an amount of money. But, from what I have read from others posting issues, they call the number & it really is MS that takes control of your computer & get rid of the threat.
If it was a hacker, why would they have you call MS? If it was a hacker, surely, at some point my info would be compromised & I have never had an issue with that. I think at minimum, MS is some of it.
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Never click on them at all even to close. Shut your browser off and restart it. Sometimes I shut computer off.
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A friend of mine fell for one of these, though a bit different. He was having trouble installing a printer, so Googled 'Microsoft Support' and called the number. The tech support person helped by logging into his computer... asked for a credit card... and he finally figured out it was a scam. Turns out it wasn't actually a real MS number, but from a website that claimed to be MS support.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams like this, all slightly different, but all the same goal.

While there are some real ransomware viruses out there, most of what you'll encounter via normal web browsing is just something to scare someone into calling. Nothing that can't be solved by a browser restart.
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I've gotten similar pop ups several different times. I've always figured it to be a scam and closed the browser with no ill effects. I've not gotten them often enough to tell if they were identical or just similar but they all basically said the same thing 'your computer is infected, call support immediately' I've never called and as far as I know my anti-virus has never picked up anything although malware is another story.

Several times a year I get a phone call from 'microsoft' claiming my PC is infected. I just hang up on them although last time I played along just long enough to tell them I don't have a computer or internet
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They are so dumb they can't even tell my OS isn't Windows but good for a laugh.

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