PC Rebooting By itself everytime

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PC Rebooting By itself everytime

I have built a desktop pc with a i7 3820 and an MSI MIlitary class 2 msi x79a-gd45. The problem is everytime I push the ON button, the pc goes on, fans are running, and then it goes off. And then on by itself. Untill now all black screen. Then it starts to shift from black screen to black screen with in between flashes untill the MSI logo is displayed and then Windows...Can you help me resolve this problem. Thanks.
- Ben_Z
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Welcome to the forums. Did it ever work correctly? What software is installed at this point?
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When you get to the MSI logo, can you get into the BIOS configuration? I assume something is failing during POST, but it's obviously not telling you what. Most newer BIOSes have some kind of logging facility.

I'd assume it has to do with incompatibility between the MOBO, processor, RAM, etc.... but have no idea really where to start. Also the fact that it finally does actually try to start Windows implies that it's at least partially working, which is surprising too.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.

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First answer stickshift's questions. Then answer my questions. Did you install the OS or did you install a hard drive with an OS already installed? What HD is in the machine? Following Zorftd's train of thought, if you can get into the BIOS, does it see the hard drive? Reset the BIOS to defaults no matter what. If it still won't boot, try F8 & choose VGA mode.
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Are you hearing a pattern of beeps as it's trying to boot? The beeps should be coming from a speaker on the motherboard, not the external speakers, and are a sort of Morse code signaling the results of the power-on self-tests. If you are hearing beeps, we should be able to determine their meaning based on the number and pattern, which might be telling you the cause of the problem. If there's no beeps, that means there's something so catastrophically wrong that the POST can't even begin.
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To follow on to Fred -- if you don't hear any beeps, before you totally panic, make sure your motherboard actually has a speaker. Mine, amazingly, didn't. I was able to order one on the cheap and connect it to the appropriate spot. (It's amazing how much no POST beep can terrify you, until you realize that it's just missing a $2 part.)
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Have you tried booting with no hard drive? If you have multiple sticks of memory try with only one then try another. With no hard drive connected try booting from a live CD.
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We still don't have any answers to stickshift's & my questions. However, the idea about the beeps & booting without the HD are good ideas also. Besides all that, the next question would be, what video card is in there? Hence my question about trying VGA mode, from the F8 screen.

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