Afraid to ask about aftermarket printer ink


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Afraid to ask about aftermarket printer ink

I really liked my previous home office Canon inkjet. Always crystal clear prints.

A close friend mentioned that he was buying remanufactured cartridges from a company
that was always listed number one on several review sites (4inkjets).

My first and second order was good. These remanufactured cartridges produced sharp
printouts. Frankly, I was surprised by the quality. Order number three destroyed my

I have an extensive background in electronics, so when my Canon printer failed I opened
the case. It was smothered in ink that had dripped from the cartridges. There was a pool
of ink under the printer! Cleaning and repair was possible, but I decided to buy a new

I don't use my home office printer a lot, but we all know that factory ink is expensive.
Maybe this is wishful thinking, but are there any companies selling high quality and
very reliable remanufactured cartridges?
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Dropped from the cartridges or a cartridge ?
With the re-builders...... you are at their mercy. It's the luck of the draw.

I've seen the same problem before.

I won't buy another color inkjet printer. I'm completely disgusted with their quality and ink prices.
I run two black and white laser printers and when I need color copies I have them done.
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I have never found a reliable, high quality ink or toner cartridge. It's not as big a deal with laser but with ink as you've found it can make quite a mess. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not so much. I think a lot has to do with the fact that they are starting with used cartridges. The re-manufacturer has no idea how the cartridge was handled or performed in it's previous life.

Ink jet printers like to be used regularly. If you don't use it the cartridges can tend to clog. If you don't print very often I recommend getting an inexpensive laser printer. They tolerate going a long time without used much better. Unfortunately cheap laser printers are only black and white though color ones aren't terribly expensive... until you have to replace all the cartridges.
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First, I apologize that I cant answer your direct question. I just wanted to add that, I too, had bought re-manufactured ink cartridge one time... yes, one time. I installed the cartridge(s) & within a use or two, leaked into my printer. I haven't invested in them since. I buy new ones.
So, having stated my experience, I quit looking, but I don't know that there are any "good" re-manufactured ink cartridges from what I've experienced or read on line. You may get a few good one's but as you know, the money saved on a few will cost you in the end. If one of 20 (& that's being very generous) cartridges leak, is it worth the money saved to by a new printer?

As for the cost of new cartridges, look around on-line & see if you can find a lower priced supplier of new cartridges & buy a couple of multi-packs at a time.

Hope this helps, good luck.......
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A couple of points.
I've cleaned many inkjet printers and they have a reservoir for waste ink when they go through a cleaning cycle. That reservoir needs to be periodically cleaned out and it can be a pain. But the overflow issue is worse. I'm guessing that was the cause of your mess.

I talked to my computer tech, my son, and he suggested the Epson Ecotank as an option to ink cartridges. He has one and loves it. I have two older inkjet color printers where I cannot justify new print heads and the constant cartridge replacement so to the recycle bin they will go. I will be trying the Epson but have not as yet.

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I too agree that ink jet printers aren't worth it. The ink dries up, leaks, and causes more problems than I need. I always recommend black & white laser printers. There's usually a local print shop or Staples that I can print a few color copies if needed. Granted, they are expensive, but b&w works 99% of the time.

The color laser printers have come down much more in price recently - so if you need color, I like the color lasers.
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I too also bailed on inkjet printers and use an inexpensive laserjet. However, I had been using remanufactured cartridges prior to that. I have personally never experienced an issue. However, given the ridiculously low price of a new inkjet printer, I'd still take my chances with the remanufactured cartridges,
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I have a laserprinter sitting next to this laptop. I had an inkjet at a previous job and vowed never to own one.
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I used to have an ink jet and because I infrequently use my printer I was always replacing dried up nearly full cartridges I switched to a laser printer several yrs ago and still on the original ink cartridge
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