how to block sites on computer

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how to block sites on computer

I have a desktop computer I use Windows 10, Google search engine. I do not sign into my Google account, I just use the search bar on Google's home page. That's about the extent of my understanding of computers. An elderly family member moved in and is looking at pornography on my computer after I go to bed. (YUCK!) I need to block access to pornographic sites. He is not at all techy, but manages to find porno! I hope it won't be obvious to him that I put a block in place.
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I have Windows 11 but 10 should be close to it.
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Well, when he loses access to those sites it won't be too hard to figure out. There are other ways such as a 3rd party DNS service like OpenDNS, or blocking them in your router if it has the option, that would cover all devices, not just your desktop.
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There are porn blocking services you can subscribe to. I don't generally recommend subscriptions, but keeping your block list up to date can be a pain, and how do you know what to block without looking for yourself?

There are other ways if you are willing to dig in and learn about networking.
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I'd rec you also go to Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a Program and list by date installed. Uninstall any program that you don't recognize that was installed after your relative started using your computer. Porn sites load your computer with unwanted programs.
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Don't let him use it.
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One practice for sure that when someone else uses your computer (especially Windows), you should NEVER let them use your account. You should create a separate account with minimal permissions. This will provide some level of protection and secures/prevents them from getting to your files and data.

As for these adult sites, they are filled with malwares which can pose danger to your computer and network. Those malwares are impossible to remove because they constantly replicate themselves. Yes, even if you think you have removed them, they are still hidden in the background.

If he goes to those dark porn sites, it can also become a liability for you as well in terms of the law. This means even if he is not using your computer but still using your WIFI network on his phone, it is still an issue.

Unfortunately, once he has access to the browser and connects to the internet, it will be a difficult task. You can prevent and block from the router but there are just so many sites out there to provision.

You should just tell him that your computer has been attacked by malware from the sites he has been visiting and therefore, cannot allow others to use it. Put a password on the account.

In general, I do not like people touching my keyboard and mice. Therefore, I do not allow anyone to use my computers or laptops. Also, I would wash the keyboard and mice if I were you.
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