Building a deck with pergola

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Question Building a deck with pergola

Hey all, first post here please be kind

I'm looking at building a deck using this plan:

I've never built a deck before - so looking for some advice.

1. It looks like the posts for the pergola on the right are also shared by the posts for the deck & beam. How would this be achieved? Notching would weaken the post by a lot and would seem foolish to use as a post for a heavy pergola.

2. Further, the beam looks like it is either supporting a rim joist on top or IS the rim joist. I have not found any examples of people using the beam AS the rim joist.

Is this a sound plan or would you recommend looking elsewhere for premade plans?

Thanks for any help from diy community!
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Any snow loads loads to be concerned with?
There's no location in your profile, some of the reply's are going to get will have to be well meaning guesses without a location.
If you use 6 X 6" as required by modern codes notching is not an issue.
That picture is not a true pergola, it's a covered porch.
A Pergola has no roof.
I would avoid attaching any roof to the side of the house, far better to attach to the existing house roof.
More pitch, less chance of leaks, more options on type of roofing, more head room.
Need a real picture of your home where your thinking about building this.
I would make the deck free standing so there's 0 chance of damage to the house.
Been to the building dept. to see if you need a permit?
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See the following deck guide, figures 8a, 8b, and 9.
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@xsleeper, thanks for the PDF - I'll print it out and try to study it in detail. I intended to execute on the Post Cap attachment (8b), but looking at it, it gives me no hint of how to build another post on TOP of this, would I attach it with another attachment with another 6x6 post going on top of the beam?

Or would I execute on (8a) where I have one very tall post that is notched once at the height of the bottom of ledger and then have the same post go all the way up from the concrete footing to where I have to have another beam for the pergola?

Is this not typical at all? If it isn't, then I simply wouldn't want a pergola according to this plan.

Thanks for the help!

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