DIY portable canopy

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DIY portable canopy

So, I'm looking for ideas on how I could build a portable canopy. I don't want to use one of those folding canopies. I'm looking at a way to not have to dig a post hole.

Any ideas? Only one I can really think of is basically fill a 5gal button half way with concrete with a 8/10ft post in it.
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Welcome to the forums.

Can you provide some more detail about what you're envisioning and how it will be used?
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What size canopy do you want to build? What materials do you want to use?
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A 5 gallon bucket half full of concrete along with a post will barely be portable. As mentioned above, what will this canopy be used for?
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Before it went defunct the historical museum where I volunteered would have an annual picnic. We had two portable canopies, about eight feet by ten feet as I recall. It took about 30-45 minutes to erect each one and a little less time to take them down at the end of the day.

We put these up on a grassy area and never had a bit of trouble. I don't remember ever staking them in place nor any wind causing any trouble but I suppose that a few strategically places tent stakes and guy ropes would have anchored them in any normal spring-time storm.

Like others have asked, we need more details of what you are trying to accomplish.
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My needs are a portable shaded area.

Maybe portable is the wrong word, how about non permanent? haha.

I'm thinking 10x16, that can be adjusted but enough room for multiple people sit under and enjoy the shade.

As far as 1/2 of a 5 gallon bucket not being portable, it's more than portable enough for what I need and what I can handle.
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No way that a 5 gallon bucket of concrete is going to provide a stable platform for anything even half that size. If you're wanting something that can be removed with no sign of ever being there until the next time it's used, maybe some sleeves in the ground that posts could be dropped into, but even that means no wind, heck no breeze. There's a reason for proper footings, post embedment, etc., and, despite some misconceptions, it's not simply because the inspector has a bee in their bonnet.
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As far as 1/2 of a 5 gallon bucket not being portable, it's more than portable enough for what I need and what I can handle
Yes.... 5 gallon buckets with cement will work just fine but you need five of them. One for each corner and one for the center/peak.

I know you want to build your own but there are many good ones on the market. Knockdown types as well as the folding type. With the infusion of canopies from Asia.... there are many cost effective ones available.
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What you want is this type of thing.

Go to any Sears store and they are on display. If I did not already have a gazebo, I would consider one of these. Very portable. And foldable for easy storage.
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Why the objection to buying a shade structure/tent/umbrella? I think by the time you purchase the materials to make something yourself you'll be out about the same amount of money. And personally I'd much prefer a the legs of a proper shade tent to kicking a series of five gallon buckets.
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BUT, since this is a DIY site, what I would do, if you are intent on your plan, is to use multiple smaller units instead of one big one. I would embed short sections of pipe in the concrete in the five gallon buckets and then use 8' beach umbrellas which are available fairly cheaply (I recently replaced the one on our pool deck with one from Sam's that was $20). Still have the issue of moving around the weighted buckets, of course, but could use a small hand truck. HOWEVER, I agree with the others and would opt for the collapsible accordion ones - easy to put up and store.

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