Metal stain removal on new cedar deck

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Metal stain removal on new cedar deck

Our deck chairs stained our unfinished cedar deck in the rain. Any suggestions on how to remove the stain? Bleach and detergent didn't do anything. I suppose sanding them out when the deck dries would be the big hammer approach. I was looking for something less destructive.
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This works for me.
The Works Tub & Shower Cleaner- 16 oz
I pour it on, hit with a stiff brush and rinse off.
Need to get that deck sealed ASAP.
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Bleach and/or TSP are my go to products for cleaning decks, sometimes scrubbing them in is in order. Sanding is always my last resort.

The works does a great job on tubs! never tried it on wood.
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The other guys have the best suggestions on trying bleach or TSP and working those stains out. That is the least invasive approach and you can get really good results.

How old is the deck? If hasn't ever been sealed and you are looking to do that project soon there will be prep work. A pressure washer can do wonders for cleaning wood and it might remove that stain. However, a pressure washer can also do some damage to wood that will always be visible.

I had someone pressure wash a privacy fence I'd built and after the guy came back through and sealed it there were visible streaks and burred lines all through the wood. As it turns out, pressure washing wood is similar to sanding a floor. The machine operator has to let up on the pressure as they come to the end of the board.
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As Joe said,
Need to get that deck sealed ASAP.
Unsealed wood is very easy to stain (in the bad way like you have stains from the chairs).
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What kind of metal made that big circular stain ?

It doesn't look "orange" like rust from Cast Iron or Steel . . . . if it were, I'd recommend Oxalic Acid that can be used to dissolve the ferrous oxide and then wash it away.

Your pharmacy may sell you an ounce or two of Oxalic Acid for a very small charge . . . . but it's labeled as a POISON, and must be handled carefully.

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