Driveway Sealer Storage

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Driveway Sealer Storage

I've been applying two coats of Latex-ite UltraShield for more years
than I want to remember. I buy two 5-gallon buckets of UltraShield.
I always have two or three gallons leftover when the job is finished.

Storage of this product seems to be impossible. The asphalt chips
seperate from the emulsifying liquid. You can stir this seperated
sealer forever. The asphalt will never go back into solution.

Is there a solvent that will allow the liquid and asphalt chips to
recombine? Obviously, it's a water based product. You can't use
commom oil based solvents like paint thinner.

I save hundreds of dollars every year by not paying a contractor.
I suppose wasting two or three gallons of sealer doesn't really matter.

If there is a way to restore the leftover sealer (so it can be used the
following year) please let me know.
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How/where are you storing it? I've stored partial buckets for a year or two with no issues. You can't let it freeze! or store it where it get's extremely hot.
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Marksr is correct. You can't let it freeze. I've kept driveway sealer for several years and although it's a pain to mix, it always comes back to being usable.

From section seven of the MSDS...

for Safe Handling
Store in a dry area, avoid eye contact and wash thoroughly after handling
Conditions for Safe Storage, Including Incompatibilities:
Keep container closed and upright to prevent
leakage. Store in a cool, dry, ventilated
area. Avoid freezing. Keep container upright to prevent leakage.

While wet, clean up with soap and water.
If dry, scrub with citrus based cleaner.
Containers are recyclable.
Do not heat or
store container in temperatures above 110 F. KEEP FROM FREEZING!
Product is Non-Hazardous.
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As for mixing, when I had asphalt drive way.

A threaded rod with strip of metal bolted on the end bent into a bow tie shape attached to cordless drill would thoroughly mix in a matter of minutes.
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Thanks guys.

The leftover sealer is stored in a well insulated large shed. It gets
very cool inside the shed, but the temperature never approaches freezing.

I have a shop that's heated in the winter and air conditioned in the
summer. It's difficult to find space in my crowded shop for a 5-gallon

There is a deep closet under the stairs in my home. I'll keep the sealer
in that closet until next year. Hopefully, it will be usable.

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