Temporary Sunken Driveway Solution

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Temporary Sunken Driveway Solution

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Long story, but our new-to-us (40 years old) house has a driveway that's sunken and a garage floor that's sunken, creating a peak at the door we can't drive over. We'll be redoing the concrete for both in the Spring, but for now I need to figure out a temporary solution so we can drive our cars into the garage for winter.

I've found a lot of curb-ramp type solutions on the internet but these don't really apply because of the area of the driveway that needs to be addressed. I've attached a pic of my driveway. Where the vehicles front tires are, that's where the crack is and the concrete angles up after that (its quite a deep sink).

I'm thinking/been told there's a few options:

1 - Put down gravel to build up the gap. So just pour a bunch of gravel down, drive over it a bit to pack it down, and that would actually work?

2 - Build a temporary ramp out of wood, although I would think more than just plywood and some 2x4s would be required to sustain continued driving weight of two vehicles

3 - Find a contractor who will do the garage floor in the cold. The guy I had lined up in October who disappeared on me reached out last night saying they could still do it but they'd need to heat the garage, so I'm concerned about quality issues doing it this late in the season.

If anyone has thoughts on the above or other ideas I'm all ears and very appreciative of any comments!

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Gravel should work ok although you might have to occasionally rake it back into place.
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Both your gravel and wood ideas would work. Stone is the easiest though it's heavy and hard to transport. Wood you can bring home from the lumber yard yourself. It doesn't have to be fancy. You can just lay some planks on the ground to get your car high enough to clear the hump.
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I would build a bridge out of 2x lumber. For example, get three or four (or however many you need) 2x8 or 2x10 that will span the entire width of the garage, then use 2x4, 4x4, etc for support underneath (perpendicular). It's difficult to see how much of a dip there is with the snow. Are we talking 6" or more? You could also make four ramps (two for each vehicle), out of 2x lumber with 2x lumber perpendicular underneath for support. You could attach them all together to prevent them from shifting around. I'd attach a sketch, but I've met my attachment quota at the moment.

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