Applying cedar mulch and landscaping fabric under the deck


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Question Applying cedar mulch and landscaping fabric under the deck

My deck is about 2 feet (3 steps) above the ground. The space under the deck is open. Before the winter came, I laid the black-colored landscaping fabric underneath the deck, and 1-inch thick cedar mulch above the fabric. Is it an usual way people would apply to their deck?
I thought it could control the weed in spring, but I also have some concerns about water stagnation, fungus in mulch, rotting mulch, animal hiding, or any other potential problem. Could anybody give me any suggestions, so I can make it better?
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Water wont stagnate since the fabric and much are porous!

Animals could hide there regardless of what you do , but doubt that is an issue!

Weeds probably wont grow due to lack of light!

Fungus in mulch, nothing you can do about that!

I would think a bed of rocks is a little more common but you have done nothing wrong!
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Thanks, Marq1!
Animals like rabbits or chipmunks are okay for me. But snakes, raccoons, or rats are what I don't want to see lol
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My deck is about the same height and once you get a foot or so in from the edge, nothing grows due to the lack of sunlight so I've chosen to put nothing under there and it works fine.
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#1, Weeds will grow right through landscape fabric.
#2, 1" of mulch is useless, should have been at least 4".
I would have just sprayed the area with total vegetation killer and covered with some pretty stones for better drainage.
I have deal with pulling weeds in the summer on dozens of property's in the summer.
The worst one I have to do is the homeowner laid fabric down then covered with 600 bags of white stones.
The weeds now grow right through the fabric and it's impossible to pull them by the root because of the cloth, so now I have to go back every week and start all over again.
I can not just spray them because of all the plants and bushes he's planted.
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