replacing joists on builtin deck (adding ledger)

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replacing joists on builtin deck (adding ledger)

I have a house that has a builtin deck meaning the deck was clearly installed when the house was constructed about 30 years ago. The deck is in need of maintenance but is far from falling down. I am in southern California.

The deck boards have needed replacement for while. I have about half the deck boards pulled up and a few of the joists are rotten. One was actually only being held up (on one side anyways) by the deck boards and fell as soon as I got the nails pulled out. Anyways the joists are attached directly to a 2x12 rim (or is it called a band board) for the floor that is just inside the house adjacent to the deck using joist hangers. To make things weirder the hangers are for 2x8s and the actual joists are 2x10s, the builder cut a slot 2 inches up from the bottom of the joist and put the hanger bottom band into it. The entire thing was stuccoed around so that the joist was just sticking out of the stucco.

The deck is 41' x 78" and runs the full width of the house with 2x10 joists supported on one side on top of a 4x10 beam (toe nailed in) with 4 posts and on the other side as described above.

So I am thinking of just replacing all of the joists and just using a ledger board and joist hangers that I can through bolt through the band board.

What would be the correct way to do this? I am thinking a 2x12 band board with 2, 1/2" galvanized through bolts every 24 (going through where the previous joists came out of the stucco). The stucco is about an inch thick if that matters.

I would also like to use 96" joists thereby putting 18" of overhang past the beam i.e. the deck would be 41' by 8'.
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Download the DCA6 deck guide and look at figure 19 and 20. Bolts would be even better. Keep in mind that you likely have local codes that may differ from what is depicted in the DCA6.

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